Capture the Flag

RED and BLU are at it again. They've set up fronts right across from each other, deep in midwest farmland. Their mercenaries are trying to steal secrets from each other, locked deep inside the "forts" that the intelligence companies have erected.

This map is a re-imagining of the eponymous port from TFC, 2fort. It was created for submission to an unofficial contest hosted at The contest text is as reads below:

The challenge here, of course, is to create a new map as a spiritual succesor to the current 2fort that is more oriented towards balance and serious play. It can be anything from a "pro" version of 2fort to an almost completely different map, and anywhere in between. The question is, can the outstanding mappers on these forums create a better map than Valve themself? Although it remains up in the air until the contest ends, I believe the answer is: yes.

The maps that are submitted will be judged by community feedback based on the following criteria:

Aesthetics- Does the map have well arranged and decided props, overlays, and textures? Is the skybox and play area alike visually appealing to look at?

Balance- Does the map provide equal oppurtunities for all teams and classes?

Flow- Is the map fast-paced and fun to play, or does it have grinding stalemates and often leads to sudden death?

Theme- Does the map stay true in spirit, style, or layout to the original 2fort while meeting the other criteria?

*Map must be in the capture the flag format

*Map must be based on a farmland setting or aesthetic

*Map must contain the following elements from the original 2fort- symmetrical design, a central bridge, a sniper deck, and directly opposing bases for both teams

*Map must be submitted in the .bsp format, with the name based on the following format: ctf_teufort_(submitter's forum name) . It will be submitted in a forum post containing a working link to the download for the bsp, the vmf of the map, and any screenshots or materials necessary for your map to function.

*Map must be turned in by May 21st, 11:59pm EST. The map may be turned in before then, however, and may be resubmitted at any time until the due date has passed. After the due date ahs passed, a 24 hour grace period will be alloted to fix last-minute bugs and to update the map to it's most current version.

*Map must be fully functional with working spawns, objectives, and entites. Any bugs preventing these from working will result in the map being disqualified unless the bug or bugs are fixed before the deadline.


The winner or winners of this competition will recieve both bragging rights and a free imaginary hat of any style you choose. Once chosen, this hat will be sent automatically to the winners backpack, although it may not appear due to it's attribute of not taking up any room. Trust me,it's there

Contest Thread

The current version is technically 0.24, but lets just call it b1.



a1 (0.14)

  • Initial release version
  • Cargo containers added to cut up battlement LOS
  • Added playerclip cage
a2 (0.19)
  • Began adding better lighting
  • Added signs
  • Put in displacements in the middle area
  • Clipped a lot of troublesome surfaces
  • Made more cubemaps
  • Fixed lighting and cubemaps in the ducts
  • Textured much the brushwork
  • Added more spytech
a3 (0.22)
  • Added more lighting
  • Little bit of detailing
  • Added more cubemaps
  • Added soundscapes
  • Fixed fog
  • Added in displacements within map that blend better with the skybox
b1 (0.24)
  • Replaced almost all of the dev textures
  • Packed all the custom stuff into the bsp
  • Compiled in high quality

scan of the original plans
screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot